Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

Our international and national hydrogen and Lithium business partners incl. producers, infrastructure companies as well as logistic services.

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For reducing your overall CO2 footprint your industry requires a green production and green logistic chain. As a large volume energy user most likely you will consider producing your own electrolysis based hydrogen. Depending on the total required volume you might want to consider a direct supply from H2 based pipelines or liquified H2 by train or trailer. Let us show you the difference and advantages on a long time scale with various options.

We successfully launched HY-EU under as the closed trading platform for green Hydrogen for B2B H2 off-takers and producers. With the H2-Mobility platform and we will contribute towards a CO2-free industry and mobility. If want to join or invest in this planed project, please contact us.

Our services are ideal for high energy large and mid size volume production companies.

Infrastructure & Sources

  • Evaluate your actual need for blue or green hydrogen
  • Layout available options for a green logistic chain depending on your geographical needs
  • Find suitable buyers or sellers of large volume green hydrogen sources
  • Assist your team in comparing various sources, options and reliabilities
  • Price / volume negotiation
  • Optimized depreciation
  • Possible EU/ government funding
  • From plan to roll-out

Please contact us or schedule a call back with us for further confidential details.