Alliances & Joint Venture

Alliances & JV

Founded in 1983 our mission is to maximize our clients best market presence and speed up their sales-cycle by bringing in insider experts with a 10+ years background in executive business.

We call it passion, you call it success in business. Our associates are available throughout EMEA, CEMEA and Asia. Our network includes C-level business executives as well as government officials....


Finding the right and best business partner can boost your sales. Synergies give your corporate business partner additional benefits your company brings in. In most cases alliances take place after years of co-existance until customers reveal synergies between products, solutions or manufacturing processes.

H & A assists you in jump starting and boosting multiple steps to achieve results in a shorter period of time. By choosing us as your selected business development partner you can test drive some scenarios and follow a silent approach. This way you can pre-evaluate your assumed matches and miles-stones in a confidential environment.

Stay ahead your business  and let us pick low hanging fruits for you. You would be surprised when you learn which top 100 and stock listed companies already took advantage of our services.


A joint venture (JV) is a next step in a tactical and strategic corporate partnership. Companies share advantages and form a new legal entity. H & A assists you in finding the appropriate corporate partner for you to receive results faster. We bring in 100+ years of executive experience and best practice with our Associates and business partners.