Buy a Company


"Executive business development & alliance services and merger & acquisition is our core competence.
Founded in 1983 our mission is to maximize our clients best market presence and speed up their sales-cycle by bringing in insider experts with a 10+ years background in executive business.

We call it passion, you call it success in business. Our associates are available throughout EMEA, CEMEA and Asia. Our network includes C-level business executives as well as government officials.

... Passion for Growth!

References include top 100 companies. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!"

Our consulting group consists of a seasoned of M & A experts and co-operates with top 50 M & A partners worldwide. Together with your team we generate a realistic target profile and come up with potential acquisition targets. Our advisors assist you in cherry picking and evaluating the business documentation so you are in best position to run a due diligence.

The Process

  1. Evaluation of target profile
  2. Target list
  3. Confidential contacting of acquisition targets
  4. Exchange of top level financial data
  5. Meeting of buyer and seller
  6. Letter of Intend
  7. Due Diliguence
  8. Final agreement
  9. Integration
Close-up of businessman explaining a financial plan to colleagues at meeting

How we work

We consider ourselves as part of your strategy team and bring in additional momentum with insider know-how of the corporate market place. Our costs  depend on type of analysis, methodology and needed time. This may range from a flat type agreement to a % based success arrangement.