Risk Assessment


Founded in 1983 our missionĀ is to maximize our clients best market presence and speed up their sales-cycle by bringing in insider experts with a 10+ years background in executive business.

We call it passion, you call it success in business. Our associates are available throughout EMEA, CEMEA and Asia. Our network includes C-level business executives as well as government officials....

... Passion for Growth!

References include top 100 companies. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!"

Today you believe your business is rendered in a safe environment. You want to protect your management, staff and your company before any criminal risks. Our services are rendered to individuals, group of employees and companies. Just imagine you are facing a leak of highly confidential information to your competitor. All these services are rendered by recognized trainers, former top elite military trainers and federal government agents.

The risk diligence and active prevention package includes:

Infrastructure & Soft Factors

  • Assessment of fragile infrastructure against high level threats
  • Assistance and protection in case of industry espionage
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection during first stage of M & A
  • Screening of telecom virtual IT environment incl. data centers
  • Development, documentation of disaster recovery scenarios
  • Development, assessment, live simulation of evacuation plan of your personnel & data
  • Linking and co-operation with government agencies
  • Advanced training of internal security staff and service providers
  • Legal risk diligence

Management & Staff

  • Secure travel guidelines to manager
  • Management risk screening
  • Safety packages for family offices
  • Loyalty screening
  • Evacuation Training
  • Optimization of evacuation patterns

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