Founded in 1983 our missionĀ is to maximize our clients best market presence and speed up their sales-cycle by bringing in insider experts with a 10+ years background in executive business.

We call it passion, you call it success in business. Our associates are available througout EMEA, CEMEA and Asia. Our network includes C-level business executives as well as government officals.

... Passion for Growth!

References include top 100 companies. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!"

Of course your highly professional management and staff can achieve the wanted goals as well. The difference is your learning curve, invested time and budget to reach your sales and market goals. Our services cover best practice and best practice methodologies. Typically, our industry experts have been in management position in real business cases at at a top 50 company.

Our channel and partner promotion package includes analysis, finding of sales sweet spots as well as active training of sales staff at POS.

Technology or product trading is a new service package in which your company simply licenses or buys a new technology or sells out a product line. This way your company will focus on cash cows and top dog products.

Our risk assessments and compliance services guarantee you to make not to run into any risk and protect your staff and your intellectual property. Our trainers include recognized business trainers, former special forces trainers and federal governmenet Police experts.

Merger & acqusition can add an additional market share by reaching more customers, new products or technologies. We find the ideal buy-in or buy-in business partner and assist you in the integration within your organization.

  • Market Survey
  • Bullet Proof Go-To-Market Tactics
  • ChannelĀ  & Partner Promotion
  • Distribution Optimization
  • Technology Trading
  • Corporate & IT Risk Assessments
  • Merger & Acquisition (M & A)
When rendering our service we apply best practices and scientific methodolgies. These include for example Boston Matrix, Cause - Dependency, SWOT, SMART and others analytical methods.

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Achievable
R = Realistic
T = Time framed

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