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Founded in 1983 our mission is to maximize our clients best market presence and speed up their sales-cycle by bringing in insider experts with a 10+ years background in executive business.

We call it passion, you call it success in business. Our associates are available throughout EMEA, CEMEA and Asia. Our network includes C-level business executives as well as government officials.

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Dieter E. Hesse
- Senior Partner -

Join our team. A network of executive business experts is more powerful. We strongly believe in pooling of high level sources rather than having them in-house on 365 basis.

Our Associates and experts typically held a senior executive position and bring in an unique set of skills, network, industry expertise and contacts. In exchange, we offer you projects and a fruitful business environment to take advantage of potential.

Our experts work out of a metropolitan environment. Upon request our associates will join our client locally.
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We kindly ask you to send us additional information about yourself and business background.

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